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About Scenic

At Scenic Investments, we are dedicated to unlocking the potential of multifamily real estate as a powerful tool for wealth creation. Our commitment lies in building a portfolio of high-performing properties that offer exceptional investment opportunities. With a strategic approach and a steadfast dedication to superior returns, we aim to redefine the real estate investment journey for our clients.


Our mission is to empower investors by providing access to high-performing real estate properties that offer lucrative financial opportunities, fostering sustainable growth and financial security.


Our vision is to establish ourselves as the leading real estate investment company, celebrated for our commitment to high-performing properties, strategic investment methodologies, and unparalleled client satisfaction. We aspire to inspire individuals to invest in real estate as a means to secure their financial future.


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At Scenic Investments, we specialize in curating a portfolio of high-performing real estate properties that offer exceptional investment potential.


Meet the professional team
behind Scenic Investments

Mahad Williams

Managing Partner

Mahad Williams, the dynamic owner of Scenic Investments, is a seasoned multifamily real estate investor and the Managing Partner of Maat Family Investment Group. With roots in the San Francisco Bay Area, Mahad has been an active player in the real estate market since 2016. His extensive experience spans short-term rentals, long-term rentals, property management, rent collection, and Airbnb listings.

Mahad’s journey into multifamily real estate was propelled by his participation in the Multifamily Mindset mentorship. His investment approach is characterized by a syndication model that focuses on light value-add opportunities to force appreciation and deliver returns to investors.

In addition to his real estate endeavors, Mahad is also an Electronic Technician at BART. As a dedicated father, husband, son, and friend, Mahad brings a unique blend of personal commitment and professional expertise to Scenic Investments. His leadership is instrumental in guiding the company towards its mission of helping people secure their financial future through multifamily real estate investments.

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Tanya Scott

Managing Partner

Real estate investor who is growth focused, innovative, and proactive in the pursuit of acquiring properties for the team and her clients. Her track record showcases her diligent efforts to be creative, optimistic, and self motivated to exceed the expectations of her clients. An effective communicator during the entire process: property inspections, contracts, market conditions, offers, and negotiations. With her expertise in corporate sales it allows her to be the advocate you need. Her biggest focus is ensuring the partnership between her clients and other partners remains a relationship of integrity and longevity.


Jon Lopez


Jonathan Lopez, a hard-working husband and father to three, started his real estate venture in 2009 with a single-family home rental. He and his wife, who is also his real estate partner, enjoy exploring all areas of opportunity within real estate while coordinating their day to day raising their busy family.

With Jon’s 15+ years in public relations and sales, his excitement for exchanging knowledge with others in an ever-changing economy is ongoing. Jon and the Nine Doors Down (NDD) team, work on building connections with new to seasoned investors. NDD maintains those relationships to further expand the building blocks of success for all who are invested to experience.

“Investing in the future of my family and creating opportunities for others will always be gratifying, I will always be a student.”

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Anthony Pimentel 


Anthony has been investing in income producing real estate since 2006 in single family and multifamily properties. His areas of expertise include underwriting, due diligence, real estate acquisitions, asset management, asset reposition, and disposition.

Prior to real estate, Anthony spent the last 18 years as a Technology Professional working for a company with annual revenue of $600M+. His duties include overseeing the company’s global network infrastructure and cyber security. Anthony brings his strong problem solving, policy implementation, and project management skills from his Technology background into real estate.

In addition, Anthony is also co-owner of a national franchise restaurant which has been operating since 2014.
Over the last 5 years he has worked diligently on growing his real estate portfolio to 300+ Multifamily and 150+ Self Storage doors across AZ, IN,TX, and LA through partnerships and syndications