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Comprehensive Services for Real Estate Investing

Welcome to Scenic Investments, your reliable ally in the realm of multifamily real estate investing. We excel in syndicating investments in apartment complexes, providing a gateway to financial independence for our investors.

Strategic Investment Planning

Optimize your real estate portfolio with our strategic planning services. Our experts will craft personalized strategies that align with your financial goals, aiding in diversifying your investments, enhancing returns, and mitigating risks.

Property Acquisition and Management

Streamline your real estate ownership experience with our comprehensive acquisition and management services. We take care of property identification, negotiation, and management, ensuring a seamless and profitable ownership journey for you.

Real Estate Market Analysis

Stay ahead of the curve and make informed investment decisions with our in-depth market analysis services. Our insightful reports highlight emerging opportunities, empowering you to leverage the dynamic real estate market.

A Clear Focus for Optimal Returns
A Clear Focus for Optimal Returns


A Clear Focus for Optimal Returns


Our priority lies in emerging markets poised for strong economic growth both now and in the future.

Asset Type

Asset Type- B to C class areas, built from 1980’s onwards.
Asset Price- 50+ units

Unit Mix

Our preference is for properties where one-bedroom apartments constitute less than 30% of the total units.

Asset Price

We focus on apartment complexes with 30+ units, within a price range of $4 million to $30 million.

Hold Period

Typically, we retain each property for a period of 3 to 7 years, aligned with its specific business strategy.

Operating History

We prioritize properties with over 80% occupancy, barring cases of required refurbishment. Exceptions are made for properties in prime locations that present value enhancement opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of investments does Scenic Investments Group offer?

At Scenic Investments, we offer access to institutional grade investments. These were traditionally available only to the largest institutional investors. We have made these potential high-yielding opportunities accessible to you.

What does ownership look like with Scenic Investments?

With Scenic Investments, you experience the benefits of fractional ownership in a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This structure allows you to leverage the tax advantages associated with this profitable asset class, an opportunity you can’t avail in a traditional fund setup.

How does Scenic Investments handle asset depreciation?
In multi-family investments, depreciation is a key strategy. Simply put, it enables you to enjoy a positive cash flow while paying minimal taxes. This smart approach makes multi-family investing unique and advantageous.
How do the returns from Scenic Investments compare to traditional investments?

At Scenic Investments, we offer returns that outpace traditional investments. Thanks to our focus on stabilized returns, which are backed by tangible assets and fueled by aggressive tax incentives, multi-family investments with us become one of the most desirable in the U.S.

How often does Scenic Investments distribute returns?
We distribute returns to our investors on a quarterly basis. We do the hard work to ensure that your money is working optimally for you.
What investment evaluation methods does Scenic Investments use?

Every potential investment at Scenic Investments undergoes rigorous institutional-grade underwriting. This critical process allows us to effectively assess the risk and reward associated with each opportunity, ensuring we make the best investment choices for you.

Can I invest using my Self-Directed IRA/401K or LLC with Scenic Investment?
Absolutely! If you feel your current returns are falling short of your expectations, you can take control of your retirement by investing in our hard assets. These offer stabilized returns and you still get to enjoy all the tax benefits.
Does Scenic Investments invest alongside its investors?

Yes, we do. At Scenic Investments, we co-invest alongside our partners, aligning our interests perfectly. We’re all about ensuring mutual success and reaping returns together.

Join the Scenic Investments Partners Club

Join the Scenic Investments Partners Club and enjoy customized investment strategies, personalized guidance, and exclusive insights. Together, we’ll navigate the investment landscape and maximize your returns in the most rewarding way possible.